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How to save living in Kiev

Ukraine (especially Kiev) is a place where two different expats can come and live, and after some time one says, "this place is so expensive!" while the other says, "this place is so cheap!". Let us share some know-how to reduce costs to a minimum, using techniques that the locals have improved.

Start with the place where you will live. Of course, the most convenient option is a hostel. And not always the hostels in the center of Kiev are expensive, such as ZigZag Hostel. But if you are really the enemy of neighbors in the room, then share with someone two-bedroom apartment, and pay $ 200 instead of $ 300 for one-bedroom apartment. It’s such a serious job to find a good neighbor. We recommend the web site olx.com.ua for finding rooms to rent (choose "rooms for rent" in the drop-down menu). Real estate agents usually take a fee of 50% of the first month's rent and it can be expensive for you. It will be easier for you to find family or the young couple who are looking for a good neighbor and want to share with you the kitchen, warm and cozy.

Use only public transportation, preferably the metro. It is cheaper than a taxi or to fuel your own car. The most popular public transport in Kiev - is the subway. By metro you can always get to any place in Kiev, as well as here there are no traffic jams or accidents. Of course, in the mornings and evenings there will be a bit crowded, but it is safe and not expensive. In addition, you can purchase a monthly pass or 15 days, which will also help you to save time and money.

Finally, there is a theme of food. It will be cheaper if you buy groceries once a week and in the big hypermarkets like Auchan for example. In such places are usually more choice and there are some discounts or promotions.

In general, the best option - it is hostel. Especially in center of Kiev. As a rule, there is always metro station near the hostel, supermarkets, cinemas, gyms and other conveniences. In general, all that is needed. And most important – it is clean and warm there. Everyone chooses his way.. Well, but you would rather choose the way in ZigZag hostel;)

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